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Okay, fine. You caught us. We're not the real Abe Kislevitz—although we totally know the guy. The thing is, Abe is our first fan, so we decided to dedicate this project to him.

Welcome to Abe Kislevitz. Here is where you'll find some epic chiptoon jams and video game music. Brought to you by a mild-mannered photographer, a spunky graphic designer, a rancorous accountant, and a flashlight named Joe.

Thanks Abe for the shoutout :D

Now we have to scramble to post more music, heheh.

NES | Mother | Akio Ohmori, Ritsuo Kamimura - The Paradise Line

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#akio ohmori  #earthbound  #mother  #paradise line  #ritsuo kamimura  #xs 
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